Banquet menu: Hot meals

Grilled pork with sauce

Chicken kebab

Chicken thigh skewers

Veal kebab

Lyulya-kebab with pork

Lyulya-kebab with chicken

BBQ pork ribs

Grilled vegetables

Caucasian sage

Lavash with cheese and greens


Stuffed cabbage rolls


Pork medallions with cream sauce

Pork steak

Pork chop

Pork chop with mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese

Cutlet meat and cheese, greens

Cutlet “Metro” with mushrooms

Rolls of veal with dried apricots

Rolls of pork with garlic and spyhom

Рlate with chicken chop

Gentleman’s plate with pork chop

French meat

Hot chicken roll with tartar

Fingers of pork “Cossack”


Swallow’s nest

Scottish-style meat