Julia Razon – charming host New Year’s Eve 2017

Halloween party

“Revels in embroidery”

Bandurist Valery Klapchuk was guest of our "feast of embroidery." In the hands of Valerie this traditional instrument sounded anew. Thank you for the original performance of Ukrainian folk music and jazz!

Nowruz – Bairam

Celebration with unusual for us to name International Day of Nowruz celebrated on 21 March. This holiday is very short official history, but very deep roots. There was the date on the international calendar after a decision by the members of the ...

Jazz Masters

Evening of April 24 has become a real musical event. Cafe "Autograph» gathered many talented people of the city. The reason for the meeting was the visit of the masters of jazz music Alexander Hashaby and Julia Belinsky . The musicians ...