Nowruz - Bairam

Celebration with unusual for us to name International Day of Nowruz celebrated on 21 March.
This holiday is very short official history, but very deep roots. There was the date on the international calendar after a decision by the members of the United Nations. It was first celebrated in 2010 on the initiative of many eastern states, including Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, India, Iran, Turkey and other countries.
Nowruz – a kind of New Year, celebrated in the Eurasian countries. This day is a symbol of spring and warm, because it tells the world about the next renewal of nature.
The story of the holiday traditions linked to the peoples who lived in preliterate times. From that era have survived several customs associated with celebrating the Nowruz . In particular, the arrival of the holiday must clean your houses, lay the table with food crops and enter the new year without debts.
Nowruz officially included in the Representative List of Cultural Heritage of the planet, since it contributes to the promotion of spiritual values ​​in the world.